Our Mission: We adopt innovation to optimize the way businesses and people connect

Routee is more than a groundbreaking omnichannel CPaaS that facilitates the way businesses and people connect. Our mission is to become the top of mind when it comes to business-to-people communication. We want to help businesses unlock their potential with the use of AI and ML disciplines and help them capitalize on the next generation of communication with their audiences.

Our culture: Friendly, Fun & Collaborative

At Routee we stand for “Together Everyone Achieves More” (T.E.A.M) and we are committed to upholding a culture where inclusion, diversity, equality, and accessibility are valued and respected. We offer our people a creative environment with all the resources and support they need to feel inspired and welcome, and treat everyone in our teams warmly, with transparency, dignity, and respect. 

Our people: A diverse multinational group of people with a collective purpose and a valued voice.

Everything we do at Routee is done with such an amount of care that originates from our people and our motivation towards them to use their voice. We value diversity and encourage people from all backgrounds and experiences to apply to join our team. We are proud of the value our people deliver as it goes deeper than their resumes.

Our people are the secret to our success

A strong team is an important aspect of any organisation’s success. We thrive to keep our team bonded, motivated and happy.

Dimitrios Rokos


At AMD Telecom and Routee we take innovation very seriously, as it is the key to a sustainable and dynamically thriving business. We consider our company not as a stiff business entity but as a living and breathing organism full of invaluable cells, our people. We want all our people to be well, feel great about who they are, where they work, what they do, and how they contribute to the company’s continuous growth. We strive for being a robust breathing organization with happy and inspired people.

Konstantinos Bitsanis

Routing Manager

It’s already been 12 years with AMD Telecom and now Routee, filled with learning and growing within the organization. From day one, when I first started as a Junior IT technician, I felt like a valuable member and was warmly welcomed. Up to date, I am offered opportunities to voice my skills and to gradually work my way up to the top as a Routing Manager. I am looking forward to many more years with AMD Telecom and Routee contributing to the growth of the company and fulfilling my potential.

Panagiota Oikonomou

Q/A Test Engineer

I have a great sense of joy and accomplishment working for Routee. The feeling of respect and appreciation I receive every day by both the company and my colleagues is unique. I like how we are all different people, yet we respect each other, we are equally treated, and our opinions are voiced with the same value. It makes me give the best of myself each day because I know it will be truly recognized.